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Following reasons show advantages of adding Besnik to your lead pages.

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Why choose us?

Following reasons show the advantages of using 8Limes Landing Page service!

Best Web Technology

We develope and design with Next.js best speed & SEO

Mobile First

For us mobile first is the only way to become Nr.1 at Google

Grow your Business

Increase sales by showing true dynamics, performance and a great user friendly website.

Our Web Solution and why you need this game changer!

We create it personal and show how your product can make everybody feel better.

 With a Standout call-to-action

We generate awesome Leads with great call to acions. Give aways, Pools and personal interaction with the user.

High speed and perfect SEO

With Next.js most of the rendering will do your High Speed hosting Server tha´s a Boostup and perfect for Google.

Full Support automated

Of course you will get a digital Assistent so your support is always there to answere questions.

We deliver best services

These features come standard in all of our hosting plans.

Dynamically extend imperatives through open-source quickly niche markets.

Structured Design

To create the best user experience

and for the Google Ranking.

A Funnel that does the selling for you!

With Next.js and a Email Sequenze the Funnel will do the selling for you. We optimize it till it works.

A Google Ranking saves you Money!

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing web and we love to bring you on the first Page of Google and Bing.

Automated Social Media Marketing

We connect your Page to Social Media Networs  the posting will be done to the perfect time and with great content.

Choose your plan.

Distinctively recaptiualize principle-centered core competencies through

client-centered core competencies.


Landing Page Development
High performance hosting


Up to 15000 visitor

Hosting type shared

220 GB bandwidth

High Performance Site

Connected to Social Media
SEO and pest Performance.
Optimzing and updating



Landing Page with Funnel to create automated Email sales!


Up to 35000 visitor

Hosting type shared

300 GB bandwidth

Content performance

Connect to Social Media

Google Adds Service and Analytics

Optimizing and updating

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E-Commerce with Next.js

High performance cloud


Up to 35000 visitor

Hosting type shared

300 GB bandwidth

Content performance

Imported SSD

High Performace Shop

SEO and Social Media Connection

Optimizing and updating

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What Clients Say

you become more than a client to us:

Robert Feeley

Affiliate Marketer, UK

Thank you 8Limes for your professional and timely support to get me where i needed to be! I am very happy to work with 8Limes for years, very pleased with the services received. The support I received all through and after my project was completed is very professional, great staff, expertise and was helping in and out of business hours.

Chris Roberts

CEO of Nation Shopper

Laszlo is one the best web developers in the business, the type that when I did IT work we called a genius! Very fast, thorough, and professional, does awesome work!

Mark Turcotte

Business Consultant specializing in Currency Trading (FOREX)

Helped us greatly with all aspects of web-design and internet related issues.

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